How to deal with the cracks in the public oil fume pipe and wall of the rough house


What to do when there is a crack in the public oil fume […]

What to do when there is a crack in the public oil fume pipe and the wall of the rough house, and there is oil coming out
If there are cracks, the simple treatment is to apply glass glue. When the next time you are going to decorate, the removal effect of the formaldehyde removal mechanism is only temporary. The release time of formaldehyde is 3-15 years. It is suitable for long-term removal of formaldehyde. The use of Bena Pure to remove formaldehyde has a validity period of up to five years and can be sustainable within five years. Purification air You can choose Bainachun to remove for a period of time at home. You can send a formaldehyde detection box for self-test, and you will be able to achieve the effect. The formaldehyde removal kit is a new generation of air purification products, specifically for removing formaldehyde after new home decoration. Muzi Youpin The particles are good, and a house can be treated with 3 boxes. If there are cracks, the simple treatment is to apply glass glue. Wait for the next time to renovate.

The rough house is also called the "preliminary decoration house". Most houses of this kind only have door frames and no doors, and the walls and floors are only treated with the basic treatment without surface treatment. All exterior surfaces of the house, including the exterior surfaces of the balcony and rain cover, should be completed in accordance with the design documents. In the real estate market, rough housing still occupies the leading position. Although most of the rough housing has passed the engineering acceptance of relevant departments before, buyers need to add more to the following eight aspects before turning the rough housing into a space to show their own personality. Note that the delivery standards for rough houses can also refer to the following: 1. All the external finishes of rough houses, including the external finishes of balconies and rain covers, should be completed according to the design documents. 2. If the rooms within the door adopt prefabricated floor slabs or cast-in-place slab ceilings, they should be leveled without plastering and putty to achieve dense joints, no cracks, smooth joints and no misalignments, smooth surface, and basically uniform color. The line angle is straight; the floor concrete of the base level of each room within the door should be smooth and compacted to achieve firm bonding and no cracks. 3. Various pipes in the rough room should be tested for water, pressure, and ball.

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