The flue pipe is thin and the pipe of the range hood is thick. How to solve it


Solution: Buy a size head and install it (measure the s […]

Solution: Buy a size head and install it (measure the size of the range hood tube and the size of the flue tube) to solve this problem.

Principle: The patent for installing the flue gas and accelerating air pressure inspection components makes the static pressure bearing of the smoke complete the specific position change. Not all hood kitchens or bathrooms are ventilated under negative pressure, and use the principle of Bernoulli's theorem to absorb water The formation of the ability to eliminate vortex and air blocking curtains, and solve the phenomenon of changes in smoke evacuation.

The selection of the smoke exhaust pipe needs to be determined according to the range hood and the smoke exhaust pipe reserved on the wall. The materials mainly include plastic, aluminum foil and metal.

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Range hoods, also known as range hoods, are kitchen appliances that purify the kitchen environment. It is installed in the kitchen above the stove, and can quickly take out the waste burned by the stove and the fumes harmful to the human body during the cooking process, and discharge it outdoors, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have the safety protection effect of anti-virus and explosion-proof.

Range hoods need to be cleaned regularly, simple cleaning does not drip grease, cleaning range hoods must be cleaned with professional cleaning agents.

The range hood is installed in the upper part of the stove, connected to the power supply of the range hood and the drive motor, so that the wind wheel rotates at a high speed, so that the furnace exceeds a certain space to form a negative pressure zone. The indoor range hood is sucked into the range hood, and the range hood passes through the oil filter. , The first oil fume separation.

Then into the fog machine air duct, through the rotation of the impeller to the second oil fume gas separation, in the wind the oil fume cabinet through centrifugal force, the oil mist is condensed into oil to drop, collected by the oil cup oil, the purified flue gas is finally along the fixed path.

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