What are the reasons and solutions for the vibration of gas hot water boiler pipes?


After the intelligent control is realized, all the func […]

After the intelligent control is realized, all the functions of the hot water boiler are stored on an intelligent chip, through which the control of the boiler water temperature is realized, and the boiler water temperature can be made clearer. Such a boiler has a higher temperature setting during use, but its pipes vibrate. What is going on?
The main reason why the pipes of the hot water boiler vibrate is caused by the unreasonable installation of the pipes. For example, the water pump is not fixed properly. Under normal circumstances, the water pump should be a concrete base, or the water pump should be fixed by means of channel steel and expansion bolts. ,
Or the hot water boiler pipes are not fixed well, or the bolts such as flanges, valves and other parts are not fixed well, which will also cause the boiler pipes to vibrate. In order to minimize the occurrence of similar problems, on the one hand, it is required that the inlet and outlet of the pump should be softly connected, and a stable frame should be made at the bottom of the pipeline, which can effectively prevent the pipeline from vibrating.
In addition, to strengthen the daily maintenance of the hot water boiler, it is generally necessary to stop the boiler for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance after every 3-6 months of operation. , the water wall and the scale and sludge in the left and right headers, and rinse them with clean water.​​
At the same time, check whether there is corrosion inside and outside the welded steel plate of the boiler. If there is a serious defect, it should be repaired immediately. If the defect is not serious, it can be stopped for a while, but if there is an abnormality, the problem should be eliminated as soon as possible.
When the inspection of the hot water boiler is completed, the surface of the boiler needs to be coated with protective paint to prevent corrosion. If necessary, the furnace wall and outer cover, moisturizing layer, etc. can be removed for a thorough inspection, and it must be ensured that every detail is normal.

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