Advantages of an Aluminum Condensing Flue


An aluminum condensing flue system is designed to impro […]

An aluminum condensing flue system is designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental emissions. These flues are made from aluminum and are designed for use in gas boilers. They are available in concentric and parallel configurations, and are made to withstand a maximum temperature of 200°C at the boiler outlet. They are also resistant to condensate, and can be used with either a positive or negative pressure operation.

An aluminum condensing flue system is one of the most efficient and reliable systems for commercial heating applications. Its condensate drainage system should tie into the boiler's existing piping, and it should include a water trap to collect condensate. A poorly sealed system can allow condensate to leak out and stain the concrete, as the condensate is acidic.

Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, and is highly resistant to mildly acidic flue gas condensate. It is usually used in combination with stainless steel to prevent corrosion on the waterside surface, which prevents the buildup of iron particles. A SRU waste heat recovery unit also allows you to use the heat recovered from a forced draft heating system.

Aluminum condensing flue is an efficient solution for gas-fired appliances, as it utilizes heat from the combustion of fuel and raises the temperature of the heating water. Additionally, it is highly efficient, so consumers benefit from savings of up to 90% on utility bills.

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