Methods of cleaning the kitchen fume duct


Cleaning the fume duct is a very troublesome thing. Let […]

Cleaning the fume duct is a very troublesome thing. Let's take a look at the methods of cleaning the kitchen fume duct!
1. Manual entry method: For parallel flues larger than 40 cm square, it can be manually drilled in for cleaning. This method is labor-intensive, and it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening ventilation and equip with low-voltage (36 volt) lighting power.
2. Dismantling method: When the flue is less than 40 cm square, this method is used when the manual cannot enter. This method is the most thorough cleaning method with the best cleaning effect, but the construction is difficult, the number of workers is also large, and the cost is relatively high. The flue cleaning plan is: according to the actual situation of the flue, the technicians calculate that a flue is removed at a certain distance and extended to clean in two directions to ensure thorough cleaning and ensure the quality of cleaning.
3. Hole-opening method: This method is relatively easier than the dismantling method, and the cost is relatively low. This method is used for the flue that cannot be manually entered and is difficult to disassemble. Location, size and number, through these holes for flue cleaning in the flue. Finally, seal each hole.
4. Machine and equipment cleaning method: This method is the easiest to operate, the least difficult, the least workload, and the lowest cost flue cleaning method. For the flue with less oil pollution and short cleaning cycle, this method is used to clean the flue. First, spray and clean the pipe. agent to soften the oil, and then use a 30-meter-long electric flexible shaft brush to clean the oil. This method is used in a 30 cm square vertical flue, a concealed small flue that cannot be manually accessed and is inconvenient to disassemble. This is not easy to clean and easy to accumulate oil to shorten the cleaning cycle.
5. Airborne method: This method is mainly used to clean the vertical flue with a square of more than 50 cm. The technician first removes the top and bottom sections of the pipe, fixes the high-altitude safety rope above the flue, and fastens the seat belt. Clean the oil in the vertical flue from top to bottom. This method is dangerous, technically strong, expensive, and has a good cleaning effect. Because the vertical flue is generally less oily, it can be cleaned once a year.

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