Aluminum foil flue pipe is better or stainless steel flue pipe is better


The flue pipe is one of the components of the flue syst […]

The flue pipe is one of the components of the flue system. The flue pipe is a section of pipe that discharges the flue gas generated by the gas water heater to the outside, and it cooperates well with the gas water heater and exhausts the smoke smoothly. However, the smoke exhaust pipes such as aluminum foil pipes, plastic pipes or iron pipes have poor sealing performance, are easy to leak, and are easy to break, and cannot completely discharge the smoke outdoors, which may lead to poisoning incidents. The outlet of the flue pipe is equipped with a bird-proof net to prevent birds from nesting and blocking the pipe and affecting smoke exhaust. Stainless steel flue pipe has corrosion resistance, long service life, safety and reliability, easy installation, bright and beautiful appearance, and is an ideal gas water heater exhaust pipe.
Repair method for damaged flue:
1. First use a thin board such as blockboard as a tire, and then smooth it with a high-grade cement mortar.
2. It can also be replaced with a finished flue.
A flue is a tubular device that discharges exhaust gas and fumes, and a residential flue is a vertical duct product used to remove exhaust gas from a kitchen or bathroom, also known as an exhaust duct, a ventilation duct, and a residential exhaust duct.
When the flue gas from the air inlet is discharged into the flue, it will meet the flue gas discharged upward from the lower layer, and the two airflows will meet to form a vortex and an air curtain. When the fireproof check valve is stuck by oil and fails to open, the smoke will flow into the room due to the obstruction of upward movement.
In order to overcome the above technical problems of smoke and odor, the solution adopted is to use the dynamic and static pressure conversion principle of aerodynamics (Bernoulli's theorem) to develop a combined pressure-transformation fire-resistant exhaust flue, and set up extraction and acceleration in the flue. The patented variable pressure non-return component of the airflow enables the flue gas to complete the conversion of dynamic and static pressure at a specific position, so that the exhaust port of the kitchen or bathroom where the exhaust machine is not turned on is in a negative pressure state, and the principle of Bernoulli's theorem is used to form a smoke pump. Therefore, the eddy current and air blocking screen are eliminated, and the phenomenon of air and odor in the exhaust duct is solved.
The aluminum chimney is light and soft, easy to make by hand, and low cost. However, the antioxidant capacity is poor and the lifespan is relatively short;
Stainless steel smoke is heavy and hard, it is difficult to make by hand, and the cost is small. But it has strong antioxidant capacity and long lifespan. It is recommended to choose aluminum foil material. Aluminum foil is better than stainless steel in stainless steel flue terms of ductility and adhesion. If the cooking fumes are relatively large, there is absolutely no problem in choosing aluminum foil material.

Φ60/100mm Condensing Elbow Bend Coaxial Extension Flue

Φ60/100mm Condensing Elbow Bend Coaxial Extension Flue
Ningbo Taiyue Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: TAIYUE
Certificate: CE, ISO9001
Model: CW-90-02
Terms of payment and delivery: Payment before delivery
Minimum order quantity: 100pcs
Price: Consultation
Packing details: Provides custom-made service
Delivery time: within 20 days after receiving the advanced payment
Payment method: 30% as deposit, 70% before delivery


Product Details

1. Specializing in the production of gas wall-mounted boiler smoke pipes, elbows, extensions, etc., and can provide original sets of standard overall smoke pipes of various brands

2. Regular stocking size:
Diameter: 60 / 100mm, 80 / 125mm,
Length: 20cm, 30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 100cm,
Angle: 90 degrees, 45 degrees, etc.
Can customize products according to customer requirements

3. Color: Milky white

4. Connection method: Hoop or Plug-in connection

Conventional smoke pipe: inner pipe material --- welded aluminum, outer pipe material --- galvanized iron sprayed or welded aluminum sprayed
Condensing smoke pipe: inner pipe material --- PP plastic, outer pipe material --- galvanized iron sprayed or welded aluminum sprayed

6. Installation recommendations:

1.It is recommended that the tobacco pipe be tilted down 5 degrees when installed

(1) It can prevent rainwater from flowing back into the machine along the smoke pipe when it rains

(2) The exhaust fumes may be slightly downward in case of cold condensation, which is conducive to the elimination of condensation.

2.It is recommended that the total length of the tobacco pipe and the extension section not exceed 3 meters.

(1) If the exhaust pipe is too long, the backflow will affect the boiler

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