Application of thin-walled stainless steel pipes in HVAC


The thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is the highe […]

The thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is the highest-end water pipe in the current water pipes. It can work normally at minus 30° and high temperature 200°. It has high strength and will not burst. Compared with the commonly used PPR water pipes, stainless steel water pipes will not produce plastic when heated. The effective life of the chemical agent can reach 100 years. In European and American countries, it is mainly used.

Advantages of thin-walled stainless steel hose:

1. No scaling, no bacteria breeding, more sanitary and healthier water quality; there is no oxygen permeation phenomenon, it is an anaerobic pipe, although it is one word different from the whole oxygen barrier pipes on the market, but it is a world of difference No, it can extend the life of the boiler.

2. Strong tightness and durability; the same life span as the building. Eliminate the hidden danger of aging and cracking of plastic pipes, and the safety is significantly better than that of plastic pipes;

3. High temperature and high pressure resistance, temperature resistance of 120 degrees, pressure resistance of 40 kg;

4. 100% recyclable, "True Green Pipe in the 21st Century".

5. The heat conduction is faster, which is 80 times that of plastic pipes. It runs at low temperature and is more energy-saving. The heat transfer effect is faster. Not only the amount of pipes is reduced, but the bending radius is increased, which realizes the heating advantage of small pipe diameter and large flow rate. It is unobstructed, reduces resistance along the way, does not easily cause air blockage at corners, reduces the running time of the wall-hung boiler, can greatly save the energy consumption of hot water, gas, and electricity, and quickly improves the uniformity of the indoor floor and temperature field. Symbol green, environmental protection, energy saving requirements.

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