It is estimated that the price of domestic seamless steel pipe market will continue to rise tomorrow


Recently, the price of seamless steel pipes in Wuxi has […]

Recently, the price of seamless steel pipes in Wuxi has not shown a significant drop. Although the profit margin of steel enterprises per ton of steel has narrowed, the overall profitability of steel enterprises has not changed. Therefore, although seamless steel pipes, seamless steel pipes and other large-scale steel Companies have plans for departmental overhauls, but they are generally routine overhauls that last around 10 days. The blast furnace shutdown is rare, and most of the other steel companies still have a high production enthusiasm, and the domestic steel supply will remain at a high level in the future. At the same time, the latest data shows that the global crude steel output in the first quarter increased by 5.7% year-on-year, which was much higher than the increase in demand. In addition, the current countries have a boycott of Chinese steel exports. Therefore, my country's steel exports will not be able to help the domestic steel industry solve excess capacity in the future. problem. The latest statistics show that the same-caliber billet inventory of Tangshan’s main warehouses and ports is 425,000 tons, a week-on-week decrease of 72,000 tons. Affected by the continuous decline in billet prices in the previous period, the seamless steel pipe market mentality is becoming discouraged, and most seamless steel pipe merchants choose Weak storage has led to a continuous decline in billet spot inventories. At present, the level of billet storage inventory is low, and the overall profit margin is insufficient. Most merchants are not willing to ship. Recently, spot outbound quotations have been gradually reduced, and the willingness to maintain prices is relatively high. This level of necessity has weakened the pressure of direct supply in the billet market , Which is effective in the current upward trend of prices. The current market seems to be a little speculative. The market still needs to beware of discrepancies. Regarding steel, the output of steel mills is still high, and recent benefits have improved, and there is no incentive to reduce production. On the other hand, it is doubtful whether downstream demand will continue to increase after the holiday. On the whole, the price of the seamless steel pipe market in Wuxi will still vibrate strongly in the short-term, and it is not advisable to blindly chase the rise in the short and medium-term. It can be mainly operated in the market with strong vibration.

Today, prices in the domestic seamless steel pipe market rebounded comprehensively. The seamless steel pipe vibrates at night and rushes higher in the morning. The billet price rose by 20 in the morning and then by 30 yuan in the afternoon, and there is still an opportunity to rise in late trading. Yesterday afternoon, regional steel mills and spot merchants tentatively pulled up, and the transaction results were good. Therefore, today's morning and intraday quotations rose comprehensively, and the rebound began. It can be said that the former is already in a temporary leading position in the game between environmental protection production restriction expectations and the fundamentals of supply and demand. The so-called production restriction expectation means that the 2017 Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit brought the Beijing-Tianjin Yi Steel Plant's production restriction policy, and the scale of production restriction can refer to the 2016 G20 Summit's steel production restriction case, and the total production restriction time will exceed 10 day. However, the author reminds the master that if you are optimistic about the market in mid-to-early May and adopt the current price inventory operation, it will be safer to sell the capital before the real production restriction. After all, the result will be the restriction on the construction site at the same time. Driving with trucks, if the goods cannot be sold by then, they are bound to face the loss of the price after the meeting. It is estimated that prices in the domestic Wuxi seamless steel pipe market will continue to rise tomorrow.

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