Chimney pipes: Can kitchen flues be replaced with PVC pipes?


The rising housing prices have made the area of ​​peopl […]

The rising housing prices have made the area of ​​people buying a house shrinking again and again, so people put more attention on the decoration design, and see how the decoration can maximize the use of the limited space area. As a result, many people pay attention to the kitchen flue.
Because the public flue pipes made by developers are not only large in size and take up space, but also visually affect the overall aesthetics. So many people wonder if they can use PVC pipes to replace flue pipes. Of course, some people need to replace the exhaust pipe because of the aging of the flue, so they think of the PVC pipe with good performance, so can the PVC pipe replace the flue?

The pipes usually used for kitchen flues mainly include aluminum foil pipes, PVC pipes, stainless steel exhaust pipes and steel pipes. The pipes used for flues have extremely high performance requirements, and basically have the properties of anti-smoke, anti-backflow, fire resistance and fire resistance.
Many owners choose to make the ceiling in the kitchen when they renovate. At this time, the flue pipe usually goes into the ceiling, but in fact, because the smoke pipe is longer in the ceiling, it is better to use PVC pipe instead. Moreover, the temperature of the oil fume discharged through the wind wheel is not very high, and the heat-resistant temperature of the PVC pipe has been greatly higher than the temperature of the discharged oil fume, so the problem of being scalded and aging can basically be ignored.
PVC pipe is not only far higher than the temperature of oil fume in heat resistance, but also has excellent oxidation resistance. However, if you want to use PVC pipe instead of flue pipe, there is one thing you need to pay attention to. In order to consider the performance of long-term use, it is best to use 160 PVC pipe to lead to the upper position of the range hood, so as to reduce the oil leakage problem caused by later use.
However, if you use a hose with a long enough length, the wind force caused by the range hood at work will cause the hose to vibrate continuously. Factors can easily cause the air duct to rupture and leak oil, but the PVC pipe will not have such a problem. Many netizens said that the effect of using PVC pipes instead of flues at home is quite good, but the difficulty of connecting them may be much higher than that of hoses. So owners who want to use PVC pipes should take this into consideration.

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