How can industrial boilers reduce air consumption? What are the benefits of cleaning


The large number of industrial boilers not only improve […]

The large number of industrial boilers not only improves production efficiency, but also accelerates the development of the boiler industry. Market demand promotes the performance of boilers to become better and better. So how can industrial boilers reduce gas consumption for manufacturers? What are the benefits of cleaning industrial boilers? Let me know about it with me.
Methods of reducing gas consumption in industrial boilers

1. Burner, as the core of the boiler, the burner is not only related to the performance of the entire boiler, the full combustion of fuel can not only improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also directly reduce the fuel consumption per unit time and the pollutant emissions from insufficient combustion. the amount.

2. Waste heat utilization. The heat pipe waste heat recovery device can recover the heat of the flue gas. The recovered heat can be used as boiler water supplement and domestic water according to need, or heating air can be used as boiler combustion air or drying materials. Save fuel costs.

3. Scale cleaning, check whether there is scale in the boiler, and strengthen water quality treatment. Scale will reduce the heat transfer performance of the boiler and will also consume more fuel.

4. Boiler replacement. The boiler industry is developing rapidly. It should be replaced with the latest energy-saving and environmentally-friendly boiler models in the market. Although old boilers have not reached the end of life, the cost of renovation and maintenance may be higher than that of new boilers.

Benefits of industrial boiler cleaning

Cleaning the boiler means using mechanical or chemical methods to descale the boiler. The specific benefits are as follows:

1. Reduce energy consumption, boiler scale-free operation makes heat transfer faster and better, and the unit amount of fuel can reach the maximum utilization rate.

2. Reduce costs. Boiler descaling can effectively reduce the failure rate of the boiler in the later stage, and ensure the lasting and safe operation of the boiler, thereby reducing the cost of overhaul.

3. Avoid accidents and avoid potential safety hazards such as corrosion, bulging, deformation, leakage and even explosion caused by boiler fouling.

4. Extend the life, the frequency of industrial boilers is high, and timely descaling can extend the life of the boiler and reduce the operating cost of the boiler.

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