How long does it take for a natural gas-fired boiler to cool down? Shut down for maintenance


Natural gas boiler equipment accounts for a large propo […]

Natural gas boiler equipment accounts for a large proportion of the current industrial and civilian sectors. Not only does it consume low energy and meets environmental protection standards, how long does it take to cool a natural gas boiler? What are the methods for shutdown maintenance? Let me know about it with me.

Gas boiler cooling time

The natural cooling time after shutdown of a natural gas boiler is related to the size of the furnace. For example, small gas boilers generally take 24 hours to cool, if it is medium-sized or above, it takes 48 hours. If the boiler itself is defective, the shutdown and cooling takes longer For gas boilers with low thermal efficiency and unsatisfactory heat preservation effect, the cooling time is relatively short.

Gas shutdown for maintenance

There are many methods for shutdown and maintenance of natural gas boilers, as follows:

1. Desiccant method. After the boiler is shut down, the waste heat of the boiler is used to dry the interior to remove scale and slag. Finally, a desiccant is placed in the boiler to keep the metal surface dry and prevent corrosion.

2. Nitrogen filling method, fill nitrogen into the boiler water system and maintain a certain positive pressure to prevent air from entering. Because nitrogen is very inactive and non-corrosive, it can prevent boiler shutdown corrosion.

3. Ammonia filling method. After the boiler is stopped and discharged, the entire volume of the boiler is filled with ammonia gas. Ammonia is dissolved in the water film on the metal surface to form a corrosion-resistant protective film on the metal surface.

4. Coating method, drain the water after the boiler is out of service, remove dirt, and dry the metal surface. Then evenly coat a layer of anti-corrosion paint on the metal surface to prevent the boiler from being out of service corrosion

The choice of the boiler shutdown maintenance method needs to be flexibly selected according to the length of the boiler shutdown time, so as to improve the boiler maintenance effect so that the restart operation does not delay production and use.

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