How to clean the kitchen exhaust pipe


With the development of society, the kitchens of many f […]

With the development of society, the kitchens of many family houses emit oil fumes from their own windows, resulting in cooking downstairs and smoke upstairs. However, due to the long-term use of kitchen exhaust pipes, a lot of dirt will accumulate, which will not only affect the purification effect of oil fume, but also sometimes cause fires due to excessive temperature. Therefore, the cleaning of kitchen exhaust pipes is particularly important.
1. External flue
For the external vertical flue that has not been cleaned for more than one year, it is not necessary to clean it temporarily, because the lighter oil fume is sucked away by the wind, and the heavier oil fume will be deposited at the elbow of the horizontal flue, and very little Part of the soot remains in the vertical flue. Just need to clean the flue elbow.
For customers who need to clean the vertical flue, there are two different cleaning methods:
1. Opening method
This method is relatively difficult and expensive, but the cleaning effect is very thorough. The specific method is as follows: the technician calculates the interval distance, position, size and quantity of the holes that need to be opened, and cleans the flue through these holes. Finally, seal each hole.
2. Mechanical Equipment Law
This method is the easiest to operate, the least difficult, the less labor intensive, and the cheapest cleaning method, but for vertical flues whose cleaning cycle is less than half a year, this cleaning method is undoubtedly the best choice. The specific method is: after spraying the carburetor into the flue, clean it with a high-pressure cleaner.
2. The external horizontal flue, the flue in the kitchen and the flue elbow are also cleaned by the above method, and the customer can choose according to the actual situation.
1. Fat oxides and cholesterol in kitchen fumes can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.)
2. Oil fume can strongly stimulate the mucous membranes of eyes, nose and throat, which can cause chronic keratitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other diseases.

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