What are the advantages of stainless steel spiral duct during installation?


Spiral air ducts include galvanized spiral air ducts an […]

Spiral air ducts include galvanized spiral air ducts and stainless steel spiral air ducts. Everyone may have a certain understanding of spiral air ducts, so the advantages of spiral air duct installation can be briefly understood here:

⑴ reduce leakage.

The installation of the spiral air duct tee significantly reduces the connection points between the pipes, minimizes the leakage of the joint of the pipe fittings, and only needs one fitting to connect two spiral air ducts, while the traditional rectangular air ducts only need one fitting. Pipe connections often require a completely separate double flange system.

⑵ standardized products.

The production of fittings (pipe fittings and joints) for spiral air ducts is highly automated, systematic, and has industrialized quality control.

⑶ low installation cost.

The installation time of a circular duct system is only 1/3 of that of a similar rectangular duct.

⑷ Usually only a small installation space is required.

Without adding any pressure drop, a 200mm diameter circular pipe can replace a 250×150mm rectangular pipe in the same installation space. Several parallel round pipes can replace flat rectangular pipes without adding additional installation space. All things considered, circular ducts take up less space than rectangular ducts in the vast majority of cases. For the same pressure characteristics, the installation space of several circular pipes is often the same or less than that of a rectangular pipe. Many rectangular duct systems require a 4-bolt system to install, adding 40 to 80mm in all directions of the duct.

⑸Pressure drop: As we all know, the wind resistance of circular air ducts is much smaller than that of rectangular air ducts.

⑹Precise bite forming process: The molds used in imported equipment are all special steel structures. Even after three or five years of use, the surface of the pressing mold remains unchanged, so that the surface of the galvanized steel sheet is not damaged and greatly extended. The service life of the air duct is increased, and the seams are even and flat, the bite is tight, the connection force is strong, and the sealing performance is good.

⑺Safety sealing ring leak-proof system.

⑻ The exquisite spiral pressing corrugated bar process makes the spiral air duct have the best strength to withstand pressure. After adding the spiral corrugated bar, the thickness of the bite seam is four times that of the pipe body, and the rigidity of the pipe is very large, showing the superiority of sturdiness. It can withstand the maximum pressure load without damage, and the thickness of the material can be reduced by 15%, reducing the cost.

⑼ When the cross-sectional area is the same, the perimeter of the rectangular air duct with an aspect ratio of 1:3 is 40% longer than the perimeter of the spiral air duct, which saves the use of materials; for the same reason, due to the short perimeter of the spiral air duct, the insulation materials can also be reduced accordingly.

⑽Beautiful pipeline layout and strong three-dimensional sense

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