How to evaluate the quality of gas boilers? How about the operating cost?


Gas-fired boilers dominate the boiler market. Gas-fired […]

Gas-fired boilers dominate the boiler market. Gas-fired boilers are not only environmentally friendly but also outstanding in terms of energy saving and thermal efficiency. So how to evaluate the quality of gas-fired boilers? What about daily operating costs? 
Gas boiler is good or bad

1. Working pressure, the performance of the gas steam boiler in terms of working pressure determines the level of saturated steam temperature, which should be selected reasonably in accordance with the production needs of its own products.

2. The thermal efficiency of the boiler and the thermal efficiency of the gas boiler are generally relatively high. The general boiler is more than 98%, and the condensing gas boiler can reach more than 99%.

3. Fuel consumption, gas boilers also have to look at the amount of gas consumption under the premise of ensuring high thermal efficiency, too high will increase costs for enterprises.
4. The heating surface of the boiler, through which the gas boiler obtains the appropriate temperature and heat, so the larger the heating area of ​​the boiler, the greater the output provided and the lower the temperature of the exhaust gas.

5. Boiler size, the popular gas boiler design in the market is novel in design, advanced in technology, small in size but large in the amount of water that the boiler can store, etc. are mostly customer selection criteria, and multiple comparisons are the best policy.

Gas boiler operation cost

The daily operating costs of gas-fired boilers are mainly fuel, water supply and electrical energy. The price of gas determines the main cost per unit time. The specific cost depends on the local gas price, the size of the boiler and the gas consumption per hour.
Advantages of gas boilers

Advantage one: energy saving and emission reduction, natural gas pollution-free, easy to ignite, equipped with a burner with excellent performance can well reduce fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Advantage two, reduce labor intensity, gas boiler pipeline supply, compared with coal-fired boilers do not require manual real-time coal feeding, in addition, gas boilers are mostly intelligent operation management, one-click start setting is convenient and fast.

Advantage three, cost savings, gas boilers do not need to arrange special fuel storage space, thereby saving land, gas boilers have a compact structure and save boiler room area.

The above is a summary of the evaluation of the quality of the gas boiler for you. At the same time, it describes the operating cost of the gas boiler for the reference of the boiler customers.

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