Why is low-nitrogen boiler more environmentally friendly and easy to use? Protection measures during operation


Environmental protection regulations are becoming more […]

Environmental protection regulations are becoming more and more stringent, and many industries are involved. In particular, boiler equipment essential for industrial production has clear requirements for pollutant emissions. Manufacturers have also upgraded from ordinary boilers to energy-saving and environmentally-friendly low-nitrogen Boilers, so why are low-nitrogen boilers more environmentally friendly and easy to use? What are the protection measures in operation? Let me know about it with me.
Low nitrogen boiler is more environmentally friendly and easy to use

1. Low nitrogen emissions, boiler fuel combustion will have a certain amount of nitrogen oxide emissions. The increase in environmental protection requirements has strict requirements on nitrogen oxide emissions. Low nitrogen boilers are the most environmentally friendly of all fuels.

2. The heat dissipation is small, and the low-nitrogen boiler adopts insulation materials, which can better reduce the heat loss of the boiler and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

3. External circulation of flue gas. The low-nitrogen boiler adopts external circulation of flue gas to effectively reduce the temperature of the combustion area, and at the same time reduce the oxygen concentration in the combustion area, and ultimately reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides generated, which is also beneficial to the protection of the atmospheric environment.

4. Energy-saving effect. The low-nitrogen gas boiler adopts an intelligent control system, which can not only monitor the boiler operating data in real time, but also maximize the fuel utilization rate.

Protective Measures in Operation of Low Nitrogen Boiler

1. Water level protection. The low nitrogen boiler is equipped with two water pumps for operation and standby use to prevent the boiler from failing to operate normally due to emergency water shutdown.

2. Pressure protection, when the pressure of the low-nitrogen boiler exceeds the rated range, it needs to be protected in a chained manner, the pressure is reduced, and the safety of the boiler is ensured.

3. Temperature protection, the low nitrogen boiler can also play a certain protective role when the temperature exceeds the specified temperature.

4. Flameout protection, monitor the combustion situation inside the furnace, and send out corresponding signal instructions at any time to control the interruption and existence of flame.

5. Power failure self-locking protection, self-locking protection function for the sudden power interruption of the low nitrogen boiler, and restart the ignition after the power supply is restored.

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