How to strengthen the water treatment of gas boilers? Matters needing attention in the water treatment process


The high heat output of the boiler requires good medium […]

The high heat output of the boiler requires good medium transmission. With the continuous improvement of boiler production technology and intelligence, the medium requirements for gas boiler operation are also stricter. This not only greatly improves the boiler operation performance, but also reduces the number of boilers. Failure to reduce costs, etc. How to strengthen water treatment of gas boilers? What matters should be paid attention to in the process of boiler water treatment?

Strengthening water treatment measures for gas boilers

The enhancement of water treatment measures for gas-fired boilers must be carried out in the final analysis from the aspects of boiler operators, as follows:

1. Supervision work. Boiler companies should pay attention to and strengthen the water quality supervision of gas-fired boilers, such as proposing boiler water treatment indicators, regular inspections, work attitudes and work quality, etc., to improve the ideological awareness of boiler operators.

2. Following the water treatment supervision rules, my country promulgated the "Boiler Water Treatment Supervision Rules" many years ago, which aims to strengthen the supervision of gas boiler water treatment work and promote boiler operation safety, economy, energy saving and environmental protection. Insufficient water treatment work, and safety accidents occur every year.

Note on boiler water treatment

1. Attention 1. There are many types of chemicals commonly used in boiler water treatment. Boiler companies should pay attention to the quality and water treatment effect when purchasing.

2. Attention two, equipment maintenance, do a good job of the stability and reliability of the boiler water treatment equipment operation, such as anti-corrosion treatment, nozzle valve blockage and other issues.

3. Attention three, water treatment technology, gas boiler water quality requirements are high, it is recommended to use sodium ion exchange to treat raw water with high hardness and alkalinity.

4. Attention four, water quality inspection, regular boiler water quality inspection to ensure that the water quality always meets the boiler water standard.

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