Is it better to use plastic or aluminum foil for the flue pipe


When I installed a range hood at home, I found that the […]

When I installed a range hood at home, I found that the original smoke exhaust pipe was not long enough, so I wanted to buy a new one. But when I arrived in the store, I was more entangled. This smoke exhaust pipe is also divided into plastic pipe and aluminum foil pipe. What's the difference between this kind of exhaust pipe? Which smoke extraction effect is better?

1. From the price point of view: usually the aluminum foil tube is made of soft aluminum foil, and then it is formed with a circle of steel wires inside, which is higher than the plastic tube in terms of cost and difficulty of production.

2. From the perspective of heating degree: Many people think that aluminum foil will not burn, but plastic is flammable, and the heating degree is only 120 degrees, which is far less than aluminum foil. But in fact, this is completely enough for the oil fume of the range hood, so whether it is an aluminum foil tube or a plastic tube, there is no problem with exhausting oil fume.

3. From the point of view of service life: in fact, both aluminum foil tube and plastic tube can be used for decades, but strictly speaking, aluminum foil tube is not easy to age and has a longer service life than plastic tube.

4. From the perspective of the ease of installation and maintenance: the front and rear connections of the plastic pipe are screwed, which is very convenient when disassembling, which is much stronger than the aluminum foil pipe. In addition, aluminum foil tubes are more likely to be scratched, so it is best to take some protective measures when piercing holes, while plastic tubes are not needed, and the installation will be easier.

5. From the perspective of aesthetics: the aluminum foil tube is opaque to the greatest extent, even if there is a lot of oily smoke inside, it is invisible, but the plastic tube is transparent, and there are many dirty things in the tube over time, which looks very Not beautiful.

6. From the noise point of view: This is also very important for range hoods. Usually aluminum foil tubes are softer, while plastic tubes are harder, so in the process of ventilation, aluminum foil is relatively less noisy. It is not easy to odor when exhausting smoke.

In such a comparison, it can be seen that:

Use effect: aluminum foil tube = plastic tube

Aesthetic degree: aluminum foil tube>plastic tube

Heat resistance: aluminum foil tube>plastic tube

Installation aspect: aluminum foil tube<plastic tube

Is it better to use plastic or aluminum foil for the smoke exhaust pipe of the range hood? Sure enough, many families were wrong, aluminum foil tubes are the best. Therefore, from a practical point of view, both aluminum foil tubes and plastic tubes are ok, but if you look at aesthetics, aluminum foil tubes will be slightly better, and there is basically no noise during the exhaust process. Many families buy I think the plastic will be cheaper. In fact, the price difference between the two is not big and the budget is sufficient. It is recommended to choose aluminum foil tube!

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