What is the cause of flue fire


What is the cause of flue fire Everyone knows that the […]

What is the cause of flue fire

Everyone knows that the flue is a very critical place in the kitchen of a family. If it is not designed well, large or small safety accidents will occur, so if the flue is fired, it will be very troublesome. So, let’s introduce some little knowledge about the flue
The causes of flue fires. From the perspective of materials, the chimneys and oil fume pipes in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls and supermarkets are usually made of iron sheet or plexiglass. These materials themselves are non-flammable and have no fire hazard. In order to reduce the temperature and heat insulation, the non-combustible material pipes are covered with a layer of combustible material, which brings a fire hazard instead. In order to save costs, some small restaurants use composite wood panels to make chimneys and oil fume pipes. These materials themselves are combustibles. Once the flame goes up or the oil pan catches fire, it may be directly ignited, which is more dangerous. Grease stain is the main factor causing flue fires. Especially where there are bends in the pipeline, it is easier to adhere and accumulate. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the grease will accumulate and thicken and block the pipeline. The grease stain itself is flammable. It will burn when exposed to an open flame or the temperature is too high, and spread along the inner wall of the pipe, causing the fire to expand; after the grease stain blocks the passage, the oil fume will not be discharged in time, causing the temperature in the chimney and the oil fume pipe to be too high, causing Spontaneous combustion of grease or burning of flammable outer packaging materials of pipes may cause a fire.
I believe that after reading some of the relevant information above, you should have a certain understanding of the causes of flue fires. Grease dirt and combustible materials are some flammable factors. Therefore, these problems must be dealt with after the flue is designed. , Has obtained a national patent, so everyone can come to buy it with confidence.

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