Points to Note in Chimney Design of Gas Condensing Boiler


1. The gas-fired condensing boiler flue should be desig […]

1. The gas-fired condensing boiler flue should be designed as straight as possible, which will make the flue airtight, less accessories and less resistance. When laying horizontal flue, it should keep more than 1% of the head-up arrangement, and try to avoid smoothness. Slope arrangement.
2. The flue and chimney of the gas condensing boiler room should be constructed of steel or reinforced concrete, and the low points of the flue and chimney should be equipped with water-sealed air-conditioning water drainage pipes.
3. The steel plate thickness of the metal flue is generally 4~6mm. When designing the flue, sufficient reinforcing ribs should be configured to ensure the strength and rigidity requirements.
4. The thermal expansion of the gas condensing boiler flue should be compensated, and the compensation amount should be calculated and correctly selected.
5. The steel flue should have insulation measures and reliable fixation.
6. In the gas-fired condensing boiler room, one boiler should correspond to one chimney. When several boilers need to share one flue or chimney due to conditions, the ventilation and draft force of each boiler should be balanced.
7. When laying out the flue of the gas-fired condensing boiler, necessary thermal measuring points and environmental measuring points should be set at appropriate positions.
8. For some gas-fired boiler rooms with a long flue, the resistance should be calculated, and the corresponding blower and induced draft fan (when there is an induced draft fan) should be selected to ensure smooth smoke exhaust.
9. Corresponding anti-corrosion measures should be considered for the chimney. The flue gas temperature at the chimney outlet should be 15°C higher than the flue gas dew point temperature; when the exhaust gas temperature is lower than the flue gas dew point temperature, effective measures should be taken to prevent the flue gas from flowing backward

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