Standard specification and precautions for flue installation of condensing boilers


Due to the dual advantages of environmental protection […]

Due to the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, more and more condensing boilers have replaced conventional boilers and have become the main force in the boiler market in recent years. Due to the adoption of some new technologies in the condensing boiler, the boiler room design has also undergone some subtle changes. Taking the flue as an example, since the condensing boiler discharges condensate water, etc., it is different from the design of the conventional boiler, and the flue installation is also more elegant. , the following are the precautions and installation specifications for flue installation.

Precautions for flue installation

1. The flue in the horizontal section needs to pay attention to the slope of the flue, and at the same time, a condensate water seal should be set at the lowest point of the horizontal section.

2. A condensate water seal needs to be set at the bottom of the vertical flue.

3. The verticality of the vertical flue is guaranteed to be 1/1000 error.

4. Explosion-proof vents and detection ports should be reserved according to the site conditions. The principle of reservation is: explosion-proof ports should be higher than 2m, and should not face areas with densely populated areas. The detection ports should be easy to detect.

5. The flue should be fixed firmly.

Flue Installation Specifications Inspection items for flue installation:

The levelness of the horizontal segment, the verticality of the vertical segment, and the elevation of each pivot point.

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