What are the installation specifications of the flue


What are the installation specifications of the flue 1. […]

What are the installation specifications of the flue

1. When installing the flue, it should be installed layer by layer in the order from bottom to top. During the installation process, be sure to check the specific model and floor of the flue. And it must be installed in strict accordance with the identification of the flue model code and the correct order, and must not be installed incorrectly.

2. When installing the flue, the joint must be installed on the floor. To avoid leakage time, the joints between the upper and lower pipes shall be sealed with cement mortar and ash. It is also necessary to fill the gap between the pipes and the floor with C20 fine stone concrete and pour the C20 concrete window sills. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of Φ60/100mm Milky White Flue Kit supporting the position of each layer of exhaust ducts.

3. After the flue is installed, be sure to pour fine stone concrete into the gap between the flue and the wall. If the gap is small, plastering should be done on the wall before installing the flue to prevent the flue from passing through the wall when the flue leaks.

4. During the installation of the flue, foreign objects must not be put into the flue, and the flue nozzle must be shielded when installing the flue interface. Remove these shielding measures. If the construction personnel use thin-walled cement mortar for shielding, the manufacturer should first bury some iron wires on the surface so that they can be pulled out during later dismantling to prevent the thin-walled from falling into the flue during construction. removal process.

The above is a detailed introduction to the contents of the flue installation specification. I hope it can help you solve the problem of installing the flue. In order to avoid the wrong installation of the flue and affect the normal use of the flue, it is recommended that you install it in strict accordance with the correct installation specifications of the flue.

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