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I believe that everyone knows about range hoods. When c […]

I believe that everyone knows about range hoods. When choosing a range hood, we will consider many issues, such as brand, after-sales service, word of mouth, etc., but few owners pay attention to the problem of range hood smoke pipes, or even know that range hoods have smoke. tube! In fact, the editor is like this. Only one day when I visited a friend’s kitchen, I found a thick pipe above the cooker hood, which lowered the aesthetics of the whole kitchen a lot. After asking carefully, I realized that my friend regretted it. The problem is caused by improper handling of the smoke pipe of the range hood.
That is to say, we will reserve the position of the smoke pipe when most of the decoration and installation of the range hood. If the preliminary treatment is not done properly, then there may be things that my editors regret so much. Then in addition to affecting the appearance of the kitchen, the processing of the range hood pipe What else should be paid attention to?

1. It is very important to reserve the position of the smoke pipe
Is the hazard of the reserved position of the pipe just a matter of aesthetics? Definitely Not! 1. If you do not have the pre-buried flue pipe position, then the later flue setting is unreasonable, which may cause problems such as unsuitable flue size and long layout, resulting in insufficient air pressure to absorb oily fume, and even oily fume in other integrated kitchens The problem of stringing, the reduced suction of the range hood will surely make the newly renovated kitchen will become the hardest hit area of ​​lampblack, and distressing problems will follow. 2. The flue setting is unreasonable, the exhaust pipe of the hood is too long or there are too many bends, the suction of the hood is insufficient, the flue is not smooth, and it will also cause the noise of the exhaust vent. We all know that the hood is turned on There will be a certain sound, and the sound of a good-quality range hood is relatively small, but if the flue setting is unreasonable, no matter how expensive or carefully selected the range hood you buy, the jitter and noise will definitely increase. 3. If the wind pressure is not enough, we know that it will not be close to the smoke, and the smoke will remain inside the hood and on the ceiling of the kitchen. Then there may be the hazard of oil leakage between the hood and the ceiling, which will definitely increase the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen . The reminder to reserve the position of the smoke pipe is mainly for the owners of self-installation, because the owner of the self-installation may have insufficient details or experience in this respect compared with the decoration company, but we should give it to the professional pre-buried pipes when we decorate Pay attention.

2. Precautions for professional smoke pipe installation
1. The choice of the location of the range hood. Many people think that the flue and the hood only need to be renovated in the kitchen to determine it, but this idea is incorrect. We have learned the installation sequence of wall cabinets and range hoods before. Therefore, at the beginning of the kitchen design, we need to select the installation position of the range hood according to the position of the public flue. The direction of the hood, socket and smoke pipe must be selected. Plan clearly. The location of the smoke machine should be as close as possible to the flue, so that the length of the smoke pipe can be shortened, and the possibility of the smoke pipe turning is reduced, which is conducive to the later exhaust of smoke and the reduction of noise. 2. You must pay attention to the size of the smoke tube and the airtightness of the flue. At present, the size of the range hood smoke tube on the market is generally 15 cm and 18 cm in diameter. Most popular in the market are 15 cm. The size of the range hood smoke tube It must be consistent with the smoke tunnel. As long as the size is found to be inconsistent before the kitchen ceiling is not installed, it must be expanded or reduced in time. If the seal is not good, it will easily return to the smell. 3. Straighten out the smoke pipes. The experimental data show that: the smoke pipes are bent, wound, and compressed, reducing the air volume by at least 10% each time, so we must arrange the smoke pipes reasonably and find out between the smoke machine and the public flue opening The best path, and stretch the pipe. 4. Hide the smoke pipe in the integrated ceiling of the kitchen. The smoke pipe must be unsightly when exposed in the kitchen, and it also increases the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to use the smoke pipe after the flue layout is reasonable. The integrated ceiling hides the smoke pipe.

3. How to install the smoke pipe professionally
Generally, we must choose a professional installer to install the smoke pipe. The editor will briefly introduce the installation instructions: first insert one end of the smoke exhaust pipe into the slot between the inner and outer rings of the air outlet of the check valve, and fasten it with screws. The other end directly extends into the outdoor through the reserved hole. If the exhaust pipe is connected to a public flue, it must be connected with a public flue anti-smoke check valve and sealed. If the smoke is exhausted outside the wall, it is recommended to install shutters outside the exhaust pipe to avoid refilling. At the same time, we need to pay attention: if the smoke is exhausted to the shared flue, do not insert the smoke exhaust pipe too deep to increase the exhaust resistance. If it leads to the outdoors, be sure to extend the smoke exhaust pipe 75px. Exhaust pipes extend outdoors or into public cold air flue ducts. The joints should be tight and it is not allowed to discharge exhaust gas into hot flue ducts.

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