Range hood pipes-installation method of range hood pipe


Range hoods are used in our homes. The installation of […]

Range hoods are used in our homes. The installation of pipes on the range hoods is very important. If the installation is not good, it will not only affect the exhaust fumes, but also increase the noise and even cause the fumes to flow backwards. Today, I will explain to you how to install the range hood pipe, I hope it can help you.

Range hood pipe-installation method

Insert one end of the smoke exhaust pipe into the notch between the inner and outer rings of the air outlet of the check valve, and fasten it with screws. The other end directly extends into the outdoor through the reserved hole. If the exhaust pipe is connected to a public flue, it must be connected with a public flue anti-smoke check valve and sealed. If the smoke is exhausted outside the wall, it is recommended to install shutters on the outside of the smoke exhaust pipe to avoid refilling. Smoke exhaust ducts are generally 15 cm and 18 cm in diameter, but 15 cm are popular in the market now. It is very convenient to keep the hole small and expand it. It is not difficult to change the size of the hole if it is bigger, but if the seal is not good, it will be easy to return to the smell.

Range hood pipes-matters needing attention

If the smoke is exhausted to a common flue, do not insert the smoke exhaust pipe too deep to increase the exhaust resistance. If it is open to the outdoors, be sure to extend the smoke exhaust pipe 3cm. Exhaust pipes extend outdoors or into public cold air flue ducts, the joints should be tight, and it is not allowed to exhaust the exhaust gas into the hot flue ducts. The shorter the range hood pipe is, the better. If the pipe is stretched longer, then after turning off the range hood, a lot of oil fume will accumulate in the pipe and cannot be discharged, and then return it to the room.

Range hood pipes-installation requirements for smoke exhaust pipes

The distance between the exhaust outlet and the body should not be too long, the turning radius should be as large as possible and the turning should be small, otherwise the smoke exhaust effect will be affected. The exhaust pipe extends outdoors or enters the shared cold air flue. The interface should be tight, and there is no need to exhaust the exhaust gas into the hot flue. The air outlet pipe should not be too long, it is best not to exceed 2 meters, and minimize the bending, avoid multiple 90-degree bends, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke absorption.

The function of the range hood is to remove the oil fume generated when cooking and cooking. The installation of this pipe is directly related to the use effect of the range hood. Therefore, when installing the pipe, you must install it in strict accordance with the regulations. In fact, the pipe installation of the range hood is not complicated, as long as you master these methods and skills, you can install it well.

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