The advantage of the coaxial flue


The burning of the boiler requires air and gas, which p […]

The burning of the boiler requires air and gas, which produce the high temperature flue gas.If the air temperature is low, some low-temperature air will be heated into high-temperature flue gas, causing heat loss and waste.When using coaxial flue, the high temperature flue gas has been heated in the flue before the air enters the combustion chamber of wall hanging furnace, so the thermal efficiency is high.

With coaxial flue only need to hit a hole through the wall, and the flue flue is surrounded by the intake flue, will not burn people or other things.(Because the flue gas temperature can up to 110 ° C)

In addition, when using coaxial flue wall hanging furnace, internal exhaust, outer into the air, all used for combustion air from the outside, so you don't consume indoor oxygen, causing the deterioration of indoor air quality.

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