The correct installation of the flue pipe


The correct installation of the flue pipe is very impor […]

The correct installation of the flue pipe is very important. It is important to pay great attention to the safety of the furnace. Most of the domestic and foreign wall-mounted furnace accidents are caused by the leakage of flue gas。


Smoke and gas contain colorless and odorless highly toxic gases that are harmful to the human body. People only need to inhale a little carbon monoxide to be poisoned.


Therefore, the installer must carefully read the relevant precautions before installation.


During installation, determine the positions of the hang-up holes and flue holes according to the dimension drawing in the installation drawing of the instruction manual, and at the same time, consider whether the positions of other water pipes and air pipes are appropriate. For the factory attached mounting template, just open the hole according to the template.


Common wall-mounted boiler flue installations mainly include back-out, side-out and top-out (taking coaxial flue as an example, the installation requirements for Korean-style split flue systems are similar), as shown in the figure.

The total length of the tobacco pipe has different regulations according to different product specifications and models of different manufacturers. The general specifications do not exceed 2 to 3 m (specifically comply with the maximum allowed installation length of the manufacturer), and the number of additional elbows is not more than two (Each elbow is calculated according to the reduced the length of about 0.7m). For furnaces with a flue restrictor ring, choose according to the manufacturer's instructions (generally a standard flue is equipped with a restrictor ring; when the flue is lengthened, the restrictor ring is cancelled).


Installation method of flue pipe of wall-hung boiler


1, Determine the installation position of the wall-hung boiler, and then calculate the position of the smoke pipe


  1. Make a hole in the outdoor at the calculated position of the smoke pipe to ensure that the exhaust gas can be discharged outside.


  1. Install the wall-hung boiler, then install the flue pipe on the wall-hung stove, and at the same time, letthesmoke pipe to the outside through the hole.


Note: Use the original pipe from the manufacturer. Please don’t change other pipes without permission.

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