The correct construction method of kitchen flue


The flue of someone else's house is fine, but your flue […]

The flue of someone else's house is fine, but your flue is going to be broken and redone? Is it because the color and style are not good-looking? ! Haha! Here is a joke, of course not for this reason. Kitchen decoration has always been the focus. If the kitchen flue is not handled properly, there will be many problems, such as cracking of the flue, falling off of wall tiles, and the smell of oily smoke from other people’s homes. So what are the reasons? Caused it

Let’s talk about the flue cracking and the tiles falling off. There are three reasons: first, the original flue itself has hollowing and cracking, and the construction personnel are more careless to check it out, and directly paste the tiles. This method is smashed The chance of dropping is 90%.

Second, after a long period of smoking and roasting in the flue, the hot and cold exchange frequency is too high and the thin flue wall hollows out, causing cracks and causing the tiles to fall off.

Third, the newly built buildings generally have subsidence, but generally there is no impact. The flue will also sink, and vertical cracking of the tiles will occur at this time.

The scent of other people’s homes always go to your home, usually because your hood does not have a check valve. This is now a must to install, because many hoods have a large exhaust volume, so now If there is no check valve in the flue, it is easy to have the problem of off-flavor. Another possibility is that the workers were negligent during the installation, and there would be no glue scent around them.

In addition, some friends will not use the smoke exhaust holes reserved by the original developer due to some design problems. At this time, you should pay attention to the height and direction of the opening. The flue is generally reserved on two sides, divided into main and auxiliary flues. The quickest way to know which side is the auxiliary flue of your house is to ask the property.
Another point is that if you want to re-open the hole, you must remember to cut off the glass fiber in the inner circle of the flue hole, otherwise the smoke oil will paste the exhaust hole tightly after a long time.

If the flue construction is not done well, the tiles falling off may cause great or minor harm to our daily life. The lighter can damage the pots and bowls, the cabinets and appliances, and the severer can hurt people.

The most effective way is to use red bricks to close the original flue, hang galvanized steel mesh and then sand ash for one to two centimeters. Do not use ordinary steel mesh, which will rust. After the sand ash is completely solidified, it can be constructed according to the conventional tiling method to prevent the flue from cracking and tile falling off.

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