Kitchen flue renovation, those things you need to know!


In the kitchen decoration process, the construction and […]

In the kitchen decoration process, the construction and renovation of the flue is also very important. If the construction and renovation are not good, then the flue will have an off-flavor phenomenon in the future use process, which will bring us unnecessary trouble. What issues should we pay attention to in the process of flue construction? Here is a summary of some issues that need to be paid attention to in the renovation of the lower flue.

1. Frequent replacement of check valve

   If the auxiliary flue has been removed, or if the effect of preventing the smoke from falling is better, use the flue check valve. Under normal circumstances, the effect of the check valve of the range hood is not very obvious, and the installation of a check valve in the flue can protect the range hood, so that the smoke in the flue will not flow back into the pipe and the range hood. However, the check valve must be cleaned regularly after installation, otherwise the check valve will be open and lose its effect, and the flue check valve should be replaced every two years or so.

2. The auxiliary flue must be kept

   Every kitchen has a flue, and the flue is also divided into main and auxiliary. The main flue runs through the whole building, while the auxiliary flue is relatively independent. Generally, the oil fume in the home will first enter the secondary flue, and then enter the main flue through the holes in the partition, so as to ensure that the fume of each household is isolated. However, if the secondary flue is directly connected to the main flue, the pressure will be too low, which will lead to smoke pouring or smoking.

   Three, pay attention to safety when exhausting smoke from windows

   In order to avoid the problem of smoking, some owners abandon the original flue and directly open holes in the windows to exhaust smoke. This is possible, but there are a few points to note. Many netizens who are familiar with home improvement have actually summarized a lot, such as the steps described above: first, you must get the consent of the property before opening windows or walls; second, pay attention to safety issues, generally at the end of the exhaust pipe It is made of metal. If the hole is too small, the heat transfer of the metal may cause the glass to burst, hurting pedestrians, and the smoke pipe will lead out of the window. The strong north wind will cause the oil fume to flow back. It is recommended to extend the pipe and lower the pipe to the nest, so as to prevent rainwater from flowing into the pipe when it rains and keep the wind out.

Four, pay attention to construction details

   First of all, it is very important to choose the location where the range hood is installed. The shorter the pipe, the better. Some owners will stretch the pipe longer for aesthetic reasons. In this way, after turning off the range hood, a lot of oil fume will accumulate in the pipe and cannot be discharged, and then it will be returned indoors. In addition, in order not to damage the original main and auxiliary flue, its opening direction is not arbitrarily changeable, it must be in the auxiliary flue.

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