What is a direct exhaust pipe?


In-line ducts are specially made for in-line gas firepl […]

In-line ducts are specially made for in-line gas fireplaces. The term "direct ventilation" refers to equipment that uses only outside air for combustion and exhausts all exhaust gas directly back to the outside. The device itself is isolated from the room by a glass door that must not be opened while the device is in use.

Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplace chimney laying and application, direct ventilation is popular with consumers for its efficiency and ease of installation.

There are two types of direct ventilation ductwork:

Coaxial tube—consisting of the configuration of the casing inside the tube. The coaxial system utilizes a smaller inner tube secured within a larger outer tube, separated from the outer tube by a gasket, to vent and remove all combustion by-products and exhaust from the interior of the space. The space between the two pipes brings fresh air from the outside into the fireplace unit for combustion.

Co-Line Ducts - This is a system with two separate ducts, one to draw in the fresh outside air necessary for the fireplace to burn, and the other to exhaust the exhaust from the interior. These types of ducts are usually flexible, and the biggest advantage is the ability to use existing masonry structures to run the ducts, so they are more suitable for renovations of older homes or fireplace flues that have been reserved by developers.

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