What's the matter with the gas pipeline leaking?


Many people have encountered water leaks in the kitchen […]

Many people have encountered water leaks in the kitchen, and it is more troublesome to check for leaks. So what happened to the leaking gas pipe?

1. What's the matter with Flue for gas boiler leakage

If it is determined to be a natural gas pipeline, there must be some problems with the sealing of the natural gas pipeline. 2. Make sure that there are water droplets in the natural gas pipeline, because the colder natural gas may be condensed water droplets after coming out of the ground, causing the water to drip down. 3. It has been determined that the cause of the leak is the pipe joint. It is likely that other people have connected the wrong pipe and poured the water generated by the connection between the natural gas pipe and the water pipe into the natural gas pipe.

 What should be paid attention to in gas transformation

1. Before the gas transformation, it is necessary to check whether the pipeline and related equipment are damaged. If the pipeline has problems such as leakage, it cannot be used. When carrying out gas renovation, we must first determine the direction of the gas pipeline. For example, the domestic gas pipeline cannot pass through areas such as the living room and bedroom, and the gas pipeline cannot be directly buried in the wall.

2. The gas pipes in the room generally cannot be replaced before installation. If you want to replace the gas pipeline, you must first apply to the thermal power company and make a request, and then ask a professional to replace it. Do not modify the pipeline without authorization, once it is modified privately, it is easy to cause gas leakage problems. After the pipeline is installed, you must first check whether the pipeline will have leakage problems.

3. When we lay the gas pipeline, the gas pipeline wiring can be short or too long. If the gas pipes are set too long for aesthetic reasons, not only will these gas pipes be directly wasted, but also gas accidents are likely to occur. Gas pipelines will encounter other pipelines during the construction process, so we must pay more attention to the distance between the gas pipelines and other pipelines.

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