What is a furnace tube?


Furnace pipes, also known as fireplace chimney flue pip […]

Furnace pipes, also known as fireplace chimney flue pipe, are not the same as Class A fireplace pipes, although the two are often confused with each other. Stove pipes are used for the exhaust of wood-burning fireplaces and should only be used in the home, or more specifically, in the room where the fireplace is installed. Once the vent needs to be installed in the wall or ceiling, it must be converted to a Class A fireplace flue. Depending on the type of furnace tube you use - single or double wall - you must also take into account the proper clearance to combustibles, for example a single fireplace tube needs to have a 46cm clearance from the ceiling or wall.

What is a Type B Gas Fireplace Plumbing?

Type B gas fireplace ducts, also known as "Type B vents" or "natural vents," are prefabricated double-walled metal pipes for venting fireplaces that use Type B gas fireplace ducts.

What is a pellet fireplace smoke pipe?

Pellet fireplace smoke pipes are used to ventilate furnaces that use pellet combustion. These pipes are smaller in diameter than any other ventilation pipes, usually no more than 11 cm in diameter. The double-walled particle fireplace smoke pipe needs to maintain a clearance of at least 3 cm from combustibles. Unlike furnace pipes, pellet fireplace pipes do not require Class A fireplace pipes for installation.

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