What is the decoration of the hood pipe


What is the decoration of the hood pipe First, there is […]

What is the decoration of the hood pipe
First, there is a stainless steel square tube above the range hood to cover the smoke exhaust pipe;
The second is to make a wall cabinet for shelter;
Third, buy shoes decorated with plastic flowers, climbing vines, and the like to wrap him up.
Range hoods, also known as range hoods, are kitchen appliances that purify the kitchen environment. It is installed above the kitchen healthy and energy-saving range hood stove, which can quickly remove the waste burned by the stove and the harmful oil fume generated during the cooking process, and exhaust it outside, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have anti-virus and explosion-proof safety guarantees. effect. Range hoods need to be cleaned regularly. Simple cleaning will not remove oil stains. To clean the range hoods, professional cleaning agents must be used.

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