What should I do if the kitchen hood has a long pipe and the hood wind is not


Increase the motor power of the range hood. You can und […]

Increase the motor power of the range hood. You can understand the current concept of smoke-free kitchens, which are all professionally dealing with oil fume. You can only replace the range hood. If you don’t replace it now, there will be endless troubles in the future
How to check if there is a water leak at the top of the kitchen fume pipe
Water leaks about 30 cubic meters per month. 2. After changing the pipes, the kitchen and living room are not waterproof, and there are 2 toilets. 3. The floor of the home is overwhelmed with winter lotus, and there is no moisture seepage on the wall, the top surface of the downstairs and the wall next to it
Can I use oil fume pipes to change water and electricity pipes?
It is strictly forbidden to use oil fume pipes in water and electricity pipes. Try not to walk, especially electric tubes.
What is the cleaning method of the kitchen exhaust pipe and how to clean it
A. Disassembly method: This method is a thorough and effective cleaning method, but the construction is difficult, the number of workers is large, and the cost is relatively high. The oil fume pipe cleaning plan is: according to the actual situation of the oil fume pipe cleaning, the technician calculates that a section of the oil fume pipe will be disassembled at a certain distance and extended in two directions to ensure thorough cleaning and ensure the quality of cleaning. B. Hole-opening method: This method is relatively easier than the disassembly method, and the cost is relatively low, but the cleaning effect is relatively different. The specific method is: the technical staff calculates the spacing distance, the position, size and quantity of the holes to be opened, and the oil fume pipes are cleaned in the oil fume pipes through these holes. Then seal each hole. C. Mechanical equipment method: This method is easy to make, less difficult, small workload, low cost, but the cleaning effect is also poor, but for vertical oil fume pipe cleaning with a cleaning cycle of less than half a year, this kind of cleaning The way is undoubtedly the best choice. The specific method is: after spraying carburetor into the oil fume pipe, it can be extended into the oil fume pipe.

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