How to install the kitchen range hood pipe


What is the installation method of the kitchen range ho […]

What is the installation method of the kitchen range hood?
First, you must obtain the consent of the property before opening a hole in the window or wall; secondly, pay attention to safety issues. Generally, the end of the exhaust pipe is made of metal. If the opening is too small, the heat transfer of the metal may cause the glass to burst and hurt pedestrians. , And the smoke pipe leads out of the window, and the strong north wind will cause the lampblack to flow back. It is best to extend the pipe and lower the pipe to the nest, so as to prevent rainwater from flowing into the pipe when it rains and keep the wind out. If the secondary flue has been removed, or if it is necessary to prevent the smoke from falling down, use a flue check valve. Under normal circumstances, the effect of the check valve of the range hood is not very obvious, and installing a check valve in the flue can protect the range hood so that the smoke in the flue will not flow back into the pipe and the range hood. However, the check valve must be cleaned regularly after installation, otherwise the check valve will be open and lose its effect, and it is best to replace the flue check valve every two years or so. ###1. The auxiliary flue must be kept in every kitchen. There is a flue in each kitchen. At the same time, the flue is also divided into main and auxiliary. General home

What to do if there is no fume exhaust pipe in the small bar kitchen
High temperature (260℃) nozzles are installed in the kitchen fume hood exhaust pipe every 3 meters horizontally

Does anyone know what qualifications are required for the installation of kitchen fume pipes
Very vague. The installation of gas water heaters does have qualification standards; in fact, no one is in charge. As long as the installer can handle and complete the installation, it's fine. As for the range hood, there is no standard at all. So it’s also a macro design based on the principle of being able to leave the user’s home, at this level

The toilet exhaust fan is pressed on the oil fume duct. Will there be oil fume in the toilet? Is there any solution?
The first solution is to change the color of the kitchen wall to khaki, so that the problem of the kitchen in the northwest corner can be resolved. Also, your master bedroom is adjacent to the bathroom. Don't put the head of the bed on the other side of the bathroom. It's not good or good. Deal with the problem that the bathroom is on the east side. I think, do you want to make a partition? Draw a curtain on the two walls into the bathroom. . I think it will be better this way, and also consider the privacy of the master bedroom, the best of both worlds. Solution 2: Use the kitchen to turn on the exhaust fan and range hood, and keep the kitchen ventilated, clean and hygienic. Avoid putting plants in the kitchen. This position is fire. If you put plants in the kitchen, put more pots. Salt water, coarse salt should be more, it is better to fill it up, and salt cannot be used, there must be salt that has not been used before, and then fill the salt surface with water, and put 6 fifty cents of copper on the salt, use the Chinese version of fifty cents Money is enough and the lid is opened. This requires the use of alkaline copper and the excess carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide molecules in the kitchen to perform an effective corresponding chemical action, so that the airflow in the space can be alkalinized, and the PH value in the space can be effectively improved. At the bottom of the stove.

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