What should I do if the kitchen is too far away from the flue opening?


Kitchens are the source of a happy family life. Clean a […]

Kitchens are the source of a happy family life. Clean and smoke-free kitchens are becoming more and more popular for Chinese people who focus on cooking. Therefore, whether it is rural or urban, simple or complex, modern kitchens are basically equipped with flues. Exhaust system. In actual use, we often encounter the situation that the kitchen is too long from the flue opening, especially in urban areas. So how should we deal with this situation to be more efficient and concise?

Although the household flue duct is too long, it is generally divided into several types, each of which has different conditions and requirements, but we can divide it into the following three conditions according to the characteristics of the entire smoke exhaust system.

The first is to discharge directly outside, which is easier to handle. We can choose a range hood with high power and large air volume. If the size is not limited, we can choose a European-style range hood (direct suction type). The effect is more obvious. It is more than enough for ordinary household cooking, and there is no problem when the exhaust duct reaches three meters.

The second is a smoke exhaust system with a distance of less than two meters and a public flue. This situation is more complicated. Because the flue is very long, if it is not handled well, there will be phenomena such as oil fume backflow and high-temperature fire. One of our solutions is to install a check valve at the flue opening of our hood. The hood will be opened when it is working, and it will be closed automatically when it is not working, so that the oil fume of the public flue will not enter the kitchen.
In this case, consider the floor smoke exhaust system. The longer the normal check valve time is, cracks, deposits, and poor smoke exhaust will occur. Therefore, it is better to choose metal fireproof materials for the check valve. In addition, most of the current ordinary check valves are horizontal openings, which are prone to soot deposits and blockages, especially in public flues. The use of them is more complicated, especially the influence of air pressure changes on smoke exhaust. The picture below shows high-rise residential buildings. Comparison of the installation of ordinary check valve and five-proof air valve in the smoke exhaust system:

If your home is on the bottom of a high-rise residential building, the smoke exhaust system check valve is best to choose a safer, more reliable and effective five-proof air valve. This kind of valve opens upwards to effectively avoid the pressure imbalance caused by oil smoke deposition and blocked passages. The situation arises. When dealing with the situation that the flue is too long and complicated according to the actual situation, it is very important to choose the correct smoke exhaust method and tools.

The third type is the case where there is a public flue at a distance of more than two meters. At this time, due to the long flue, oil fume may cool down and deposit in the middle, and if it is not treated for a long time, the exhaust system will be blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to consider installing an air supply relay device or a terminal induced draft fan between the two exhaust pipes. This device usually does not automatically start and stop, and needs to be manually controlled to ensure the overall exhaust capacity.

In addition, some range hoods do not have a check valve. At this time, you can choose to install a check valve by yourself. Usually, the range hood manufacturer sells related products in the after-sales service. Sometimes, in order to save costs, we install a hose in the kitchen directly through the integrated ceiling to connect to the flue. It will not have a big impact in the short term. If the distance traveled horizontally is too long, oily smoke will form oil gaps on the pipe wall, which will affect the smoke exhaust effect after a long time. Therefore, it is best not to turn the pipe too much. It is best to remove the pipe and clean it or replace it every one or two years. New pipe.

In short, to deal with the situation that the flue is too long and complicated, we must adopt different methods according to actual needs, so as to effectively discharge the kitchen fumes, and be clean, safe and reliable.

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