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The installation of the range hood is divided into two […]

The installation of the range hood is divided into two parts, the first part is to install the smoke pipe first, the second part is to install the range hood, and the range hood is installed in two situations:

The first is that the smoke pipe of the range hood needs to go above the ceiling (the flue opening is above the ceiling), which requires the manufacturer of the range hood to provide a door-to-door service, and install the smoke pipe of the range hood before the tiles are placed in our house. The ceiling can be suspended after installing the smoke pipe. Then install the range hood when the cabinet is installed. Second, the flue opening is under the ceiling. At this time, you can install the flue pipe together when you install the cabinet. The two different methods achieve the same effect, in order to hide the pipe.

There are roughly three types of smoke pipes for range hoods: aluminum foil pipes, polypropylene pipes (plastic) and PVC pipes. PVC pipe fittings are not common. This kind of pipe fittings are generally used for longer flue ducts such as 3-5 meters. The inner wall of PVC pipe fittings is relatively smooth and has a larger caliber. However, the cost is the most expensive among them. The smoke exhaust effect of the distance pipe is still very good.

The two common types of pipe fittings are aluminum foil pipes and polypropylene pipes. Objectively speaking, the length of standard aluminum foil tube of some manufacturers is relatively short, and the general length of standard polypropylene (plastic) tube is moderate and sufficient. All in all, it is to make a profit.

The biggest advantage of aluminum foil tube is that it is opaque, no matter how much oil stains are on the outside, it is invisible. Summarized as "clean". Secondly, the heat resistance of the aluminum foil tube is better than that of the plastic tube. The biggest advantage of polypropylene pipes is that they are easy to repair and replace. The front and back connections are all screw ports, which are easy to disassemble, but they are transparent pipes. Therefore, the disadvantage of the plastic tube is that it is transparent and easy to find that the smoke tube is dirty, which causes "unsightly". The second is heat resistance. The heating capacity of polypropylene is not as strong as that of aluminum foil tube. It is only 120 degrees, but this is for the oil fume of range hood. It is fully competent.

In summary, in terms of use effect: aluminum foil tube = polypropylene tube, aesthetics: aluminum foil tube> polypropylene tube, in terms of heat resistance: aluminum foil tube> polypropylene tube, convenience: polypropylene tube> aluminum foil tube.

Therefore, from a practical point of view, polypropylene (plastic) pipe can do all the work. I personally think it is enough. However, as the saying goes, one beauty covers hundreds of ugliness, and aluminum foil tubes appear to be more advanced from the aesthetic point of view, and you can choose them according to your needs.

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