What should pay attention to when installing a commercial kitchen fume exhaust pipe?


What should pay attention to when installing a commerci […]

What should pay attention to when installing a commercial kitchen fume exhaust pipe? How to design and install a commercial kitchen exhaust duct is a relatively common problem. Similarly, the installation of a commercial kitchen chimney flue pipe is equally important. There are many things to pay attention to during the installation process. In fact, many people do not know much about the installation of commercial kitchen exhaust ducts.

1. Pay attention to the location of the device

First of all, the location of the exhaust pipe is very important. Generally speaking, the shorter the pipe, the better, not only for aesthetics, but also if the pipe is short, it can fully discharge the oil fume.

2. Save the secondary flue

There are flues installed in each kitchen, and the flues are also divided into main and auxiliary. The main flue is connected to the entire building, while the auxiliary flue is relatively independent. Usually, the oil fume in the home will go into the auxiliary flue first, and then enter the main flue through the hole on the clapboard. Therefore, when installing the flue at home, the auxiliary flue must be preserved to avoid the phenomenon of pouring smoke or stringing smoke.


Φ80/125mm Non-condensing Flue Installation recommendations:

1.It is recommended that the tobacco pipe be tilted down 5 degrees when installed

(1) It can prevent rainwater from flowing back into the machine along the smoke pipe when it rains

(2) The exhaust fumes may be slightly downward in case of cold condensation, which is conducive to the elimination of condensation.

2.It is recommended that the total length of the tobacco pipe and the extension section not exceed 3 meters.

(1) If the exhaust pipe is too long, the backflow will affect the boiler

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3. Frequent cleaning of check valve

There is a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen, so the exhaust flue is installed and must be cleaned frequently. If the check valve is not cleaned, the long-term accumulation of oil fume will cause the pipes and the range hood to backflow, and the flue check valve is best replaced every two years.

4. Pay attention to safety when exhausting smoke

In order to prevent the problem of smoke, many families will directly open holes in the windows to exhaust smoke, but there are a few things to pay attention to: before opening the window or wall, you must get the consent of the property, and secondly, pay attention to safety, because the end of the exhaust pipe It is made of metal, and the heat transfer of metal may cause the glass to burst and endanger human health. When installing the smoke pipe, it is best to lead out of the window, which can prevent the rainwater from flowing into the pipe when it rains and keep the wind out.

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