What to pay attention to when installing the kitchen exhaust pipe


In order to avoid the problem of smoke, some owners aba […]

In order to avoid the problem of smoke, some owners abandon the original flue and directly open holes in the windows to exhaust smoke. This is possible, but there are a few points to note. First, you must obtain the consent of the property before opening the window or wall; Qingdao Jinyu Stainless Steel Products reminds you to pay attention to safety issues. Generally, the end of the exhaust pipe is made of metal. If the opening is too small, the metal may cause heat transfer. The glass exploded, hurting pedestrians, and the smoke pipes lead out of the windows. The strong north wind will cause the lampblack to flow back. It is best to extend the pipe and lower the pipe down, so as to prevent rainwater from flowing into the pipe when it rains and keep the wind out. If the secondary flue has been removed, or if it is necessary to prevent the smoke from falling down, use a flue check valve. Under normal circumstances, the effect of the check valve of the range hood is not very obvious, and installing a check valve in the flue can protect the range hood so that the smoke in the flue will not flow back into the pipe and the range hood. However, the check valve must be cleaned regularly after installation, otherwise the check valve will be open and lose its effect, and it is best to replace the flue check valve in about two years.

How to install the stainless steel kitchen exhaust pipe

A suspended ceiling must be installed on the ceiling. It only has thickness, what shape is it, how big it is, how long to extend it to the emptying place, if it is concealed installation and the emptying place is far away, it must be fixed with a shelf, if it is close, it will be directly extended for emptying.

What are the precautions for the installation of kitchen fume pipes and how to clean it?

The oil fume pipes are not cleaned frequently. There will be a lot of oil stains remaining on the hood and the surface of the oil fume pipes. After a long time, grease will form. Simple cleaning of the oil fume pipes cannot be removed. This will affect the use of the hood and the oil fume pipe cleaning. It is not easy to eliminate the smoke flow. About 80% of the kitchen smoke is not smooth, the main reason is that the built-in filter of the oil fume purifier has not been cleaned for a long time, and the oil stains block the filter. There are unique methods for different types of oil fume purifiers. . Use high-pressure jet powerful carburetor to clean the oil fume pipes and degreasing treatment, and then do maintenance, so that the oil fume airflow is obviously improved, and a protective film is formed so that the oil stains are not easy to remain on the surface. ### Catering and kitchen exhaust should pay attention to: 1. The requirements of catering and catering oil fume exhaust pipes are different from those of residential kitchens. 2. Residents' smoke exhaust pipes are used for household smoke exhaust pipes. Residents are responsible for maintenance and use and have rights. The fume pipes for food and beverages belong to commercial applications.

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