What You Should Know About Your Boiler Flue


What You Should Know About Your Boiler Flue One of the […]

What You Should Know About Your Boiler Flue

One of the first things you should know about your boiler's flue is its shape. While most flues are rectangular, you might find some that are square or round. In any case, you should be aware of the shape of your flue and make sure it meets regulations. Lastly, consider how your flue will fit in with the surrounding area. Generally, a modern boiler will have a square or round flue with regulation 22mm pipes.

The best location for your boiler flue depends on where you're installing it. In general, you want it to be at least 2.1 metres away from the opening of your home. The flue should be positioned high enough to avoid obstructing the view of passersby and should be at least 30cm from the base of an exterior door or window. It's also important to note that this position may not be possible if your boiler is on the top of a house.

In addition to the main flue pipe, a boiler may produce other gases. Carbon monoxide, which is colourless and odourless, is extremely harmful if it is breathed in. In extreme conditions, you may see debris in the flue, including dead birds. As such, it is essential to have an appropriate flue. In addition to preventing leaks, flues are essential for safety.

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