Which flue check valve is better?


Which flue check valve is better? The flue check valve […]

Which flue check valve is better?

The flue check valve is generally used in the exhaust flue of the family hood, which can effectively prevent the oil fume from being poured into the kitchen through the connection in the exhaust pipe. Check valves usually include range hood check valves, plastic telescopic smoke pipes and flue check valves. The check valve is mainly composed of valve body, rocker, valve cover, etc. Due to the advantages of anti-backflow, anti-mosquito, fire-proof, smoke-proof, etc., the check valve can also be made of iron or steel.

Which flue check valve is better?

Flue check valve is also known as flue check valve, anti-smoke treasure, inner wall cover, etc. Most people don't know much about this product. However, this product is common around us: residential areas, office buildings, hotels, etc., where is the check valve for the flue? To prevent the backflow of oil smoke, iron and steel things are also fireproof. This is an environmental protection product being promoted by the Ministry of Construction. With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, more and more attention is paid to this product.

1. Five-proof flue check valve

At present, the integrated solution for domestic residential kitchen fume and bathroom turbid exhaust system, the difference between range hood, exhaust pipe, valve, unpowered hood and ventilated hood (larger than the four major parts of the hood exhaust system) is a professional product The one-stop process of development, production, sales and installation is currently recognized by the domestic counterparts as high-tech by the state.

The characteristics of the flue check valve are to prevent gas blockage, prevent backflow, prevent fire, prevent oil accumulation, and prevent failure. Due to the "five-proof" effect, it is called the five-proof gas valve, which can be said to be the most convenient, environmentally friendly and safe flue check valve at present.

2. Submarine flue check valve

Submarines also entered the flue check valve industry and achieved good sales results. The submarine kitchen flue anti-odor valve has good ventilation and strong sealing, which effectively solves the problem of kitchen fume exhaust reverse flow.

The characteristics of the submarine flue check valve are: heat resistance, anti-aging, and long life.

3. Flue check valve

The flue check valve is characterized by good sealing performance. One of the domestic manufacturers dedicated to the direction of professional production of plumbing and bathroom products. In recent years, it has entered the flue check valve industry.

4. Sequential flue check valve

The characteristics of the check valve along the flue are: the appearance is orthodox and the installation is convenient. After more than 10 years of hard work, it currently produces outdoor plastic residential smoke exhaust duct clothing and hat products, with Φ60/100mm Taiyue Standard Flue Kit patented technology and independent.

Finally, try to use metal flue check valves. In any case, this is because metal check valves are more durable and more fire resistant than plastic.

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