Process principle of stainless steel air duct:


Briefly understand the process principle of stainless s […]

Briefly understand the process principle of stainless steel air duct

In recent years, the use of stainless steel air ducts has become more and more common. For the welding process of stainless steel air ducts, there was no corresponding specification or process to guide the construction. In order to meet the needs of construction, we have summarized a set of stainless steel air duct production methods. , On the premise of ensuring the function of use, improve the construction quality, solve the problems in the construction, and meet the requirements of appearance and perception. This method has now been implemented in the project and achieved good results.

The welded pipe has good quality, small deformation and beautiful appearance.
The reinforced air duct has a novel form and saves costs.
This method is based on the standard specification for air control of galvanized steel sheets, using argon arc welding and welding 1.0mm thick stainless steel sheet rectangular air ducts. It is not only argon arc welding for transverse joints, but also argon arc welding for transverse joints. All air duct joints are welded by argon arc welding. The reinforcement of the rectangular steel plate stainless steel air duct is made of stainless steel angle steel reinforcement frame and right angle reinforcement to ensure that it meets the requirements of the air duct rigidity grade.

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