Why is it necessary to install ventilation ducts?


It is necessary to install ventilation ducts! Air is an […]

It is necessary to install ventilation ducts! Air is an important thing in people's life. Without air, people will feel suffocated and cannot live. The oxygen in the air is also the basic factor to maintain people's life. Therefore, it is necessary to keep indoor ventilation at all times and consider people's demand for oxygen, which is also the impact of ventilation ducts on people's daily life. In crowded or relatively closed spaces where the air does not circulate, carbon dioxide is exhaled, which causes the air to not circulate. Therefore, ventilation must be remembered, especially in factories.

The application of ventilation ducts can promote good ventilation, promote the circulation of indoor air, and control the speed of air flow to reduce the feeling of suffocation. The harmful substances in the air are all discharged into the wild after purification and solution, and then fresh air is sent into the room to dilute the harmful substances in the air, considering people's requirements for air.

Another point is to keep the air circulating so that people can breathe fresh air, which is also for the human body. Now ventilation ducts are widely used in housing construction to make the indoor air more smooth.

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