What are the main types of stainless steel chimneys?


Stainless steel chimney is one of the ancient and impor […]

Stainless steel chimney is one of the ancient and important anti-pollution equipment. The invention of stainless steel chimneys was very early. When the primitive people discovered fire, they also discovered a truth: where there is fire, there is smoke.

Stainless steel chimney is a tool for removing gas or soot caused by fire. It is a towering structure that emits smoke high into the air. It can improve combustion conditions and reduce the pollution of flue gas to the environment.

Including: stainless steel chimney, height not more than 50 meters, conical truncated; reinforced concrete stainless steel chimney, mostly used for stainless steel chimney above 50 meters high, wind resistance, good seismic performance, convenient construction, low maintenance cost; steel stainless steel chimney, low weight , Good toughness, good seismic performance, suitable for places with poor foundation, poor corrosion resistance and frequent maintenance.

According to the lining arrangement, it is divided into single-tube stainless steel chimney, double-tube stainless steel chimney and multi-tube stainless steel chimney. According to the structure, it can be divided into: brushed steel stainless steel chimney, with small steel consumption, large drawing area, emerald tube, height not more than 50 meters; self-supporting steel stainless steel chimney, the thickness of the steel plate on the wall is 6-12 mm, and the height does not exceed 50 meters. 120 meters; tower steel stainless steel chimney, composed of tower and exhaust pipe, the tower is a force-bearing structure, the plane is triangular or square, and one or more exhaust pipes can be set in the tower. The overall rigidity is large, and it is often used for high stainless steel chimneys over 120 meters.

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