Advantages of gas boiler


Several aspects of wall-hung boiler noise: One is the n […]

Several aspects of wall-hung boiler noise:
One is the noise of the pump. The greater the power of the pump, the greater the relative noise. The speed of the pump can be adjusted, but the general high-speed gear of the pump has little effect on you.
The second is the loud noise of the fan, one is caused by the quality of the fan, and the other is caused by the improper installation of the flue. Please check whether the installation of the flue is airtight. In the large noise cases I have encountered, 50% of the noise is caused by This problem is caused.
The third is the instability of the installation, and the noise caused by the resonance of the whole machine with the wall. This problem also causes more.
Four are due to the manufacturer’s product design problems. The sound caused by thermal expansion and contraction of sheet metal parts occurs during combustion. This sound is more obvious. It is necessary to analyze which sheet metal, and then make some reinforcing ribs, which can be knocked out by hand. solve.
Five are due to the sound produced when the wall-hung boiler is burning. Generally, three-layer airtight boilers do not exist, and some small factories produce obvious noise.

Advantages of gas boiler

Advantage one, energy saving and emission reduction, natural gas pollution-free, easy to ignite, equipped with a good performance burner can well reduce fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Advantage two, reduced labor intensity, gas boiler pipeline supply, compared with coal-fired boilers, no need for manual real-time coal loading, in addition, gas-fired boilers mostly adopt intelligent operation and management, and one-button startup is convenient and quick.

The third advantage is that it saves costs. The gas boiler does not need to arrange special fuel storage space, thus saving land. The gas boiler has a compact design and saves the boiler room area.

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