What are the heat losses of gas boilers and how to reduce them?


Although gas boilers have low energy consumption and hi […]

Although gas boilers have low energy consumption and higher thermal efficiency than ordinary boilers, they still lose some heat during operation. What are the heat losses of gas boilers as a common sense of thermal energy equipment? How to minimize boiler heat loss? Let me know about it.

Heat loss of gas boiler

1. Loss of the furnace body, the material of the boiler itself will inevitably absorb and lose a part of the heat, such as the furnace wall, steel frame, pipes and other accessories, etc. The heat loss of the boiler will be more if the boiler is insulated.

2. Incomplete combustion. If the fuel is not fully burned, it will take away a part of the heat. These are all referred to as mechanical incomplete combustion heat losses.

3. Other heat loss, other heat loss of gas boiler, if some parts absorb the heat of flue gas, physical heat loss of ash and slag.

Thermal insulation measures for gas boilers

1. To reduce the flue gas temperature, the exhaust gas temperature of gas boilers is high. In order to better utilize the fuel heat, an economizer and condenser should be installed at the end of the boiler to heat the boiler feed water temperature, which reduces energy consumption and also re-uses the waste heat of the boiler flue gas. .

2. Thermal insulation materials, the boiler shell adopts thermal insulation materials, such as commonly used aluminum silicate for thermal insulation, to reduce the heat loss of the shell.

3. Pay attention to the blowdown, do a good job in the water quality treatment of the boiler, reduce the heat loss of blowdown, ensure the quality of water supply, and reduce the blowdown rate.

4. Combustion machine selection, equipped with high-efficiency combustor for gas boiler, intelligent control to ensure full combustion of fuel, while reducing pollutant emissions, which has an environmental protection effect.

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