Boiler shutdown maintenance


If the boiler needs to be shut down for a long time due […]

If the boiler needs to be shut down for a long time due to production reasons or other factors, the maintenance method should be reasonably selected according to the length of the shutdown time to ensure that the boiler can operate normally again. The specific time division and maintenance methods are as follows:

1. The boiler is shut down for less than 1 month. If the boiler is shut down for less than 1 month, it is recommended to use the wet method to maintain the boiler. The specific methods are as follows:

(1) Drain, drain the boiler water after the boiler stops, remove the scale and soot in the boiler, close the manholes and valves on the boiler body mountain to ensure that the boiler is in a confined space.

(2) To protect the solution, add softened water to the lowest water level, and then use a special pump to inject the prepared alkaline protection solution into the boiler. If you choose caustic soda, add 8-10Kg per ton of pot water.

(3) Mix the solution. When the protection solution is fully injected, open the water supply valve and fill the boiler with softened water until the water emerges from the air valve, then close the air valve and the water supply valve, and turn on the special pump for water circulation to make the solution evenly mixed. .

(4) Micro-fire oven. During the maintenance period, the oven should be light-fired regularly to keep the outside of the heated surface dry; the pump should be turned on regularly to circulate the water to make the concentration of the solution consistent; the solution should also be tested regularly, if the alkalinity Decrease, should be added.
2. The boiler is shut down for more than 1 month. If the boiler is shut down for more than one month, the boiler water is also drained. The valves on the hot water supply pipe, the water supply pipe and the sewage pipe are closed and the manholes are opened to let the drum dry naturally, and then the desiccant, such as Lump calcium oxide is also called quicklime. Add 2-3Kg per cubic meter of boiler volume. Check the heating surface for corrosion every half a month, and replace the failed desiccant in time.

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