Causes of gas hot water boiler pipeline corrosion


For now, the main heating source is a gas boiler. With […]

For now, the main heating source is a gas boiler. With hot water heating, the room temperature is suitable, and it has a significant energy saving effect than steam heating, so it is very popular with heating users. However, through years of work experience, it has been found that some gas hot water boilers are very corroded. Now explain the reasons for the corrosion of the boiler:

1. The water consumption is too large, and the amount of make-up water is not controlled. Article 100 of the Hot Water Boiler Safety Supervision Regulations stipulates: "The leakage of the hot water system is generally not more than 1% of the system water capacity", but some units mistakenly believe that with the hot water boiler, it is convenient to use hot water. Of hot water is used for bathing, washing clothes, etc.
Second, the management is loose, and the "Low Pressure Boiler Water Quality Standard" (hereinafter referred to as the standard) is not seriously implemented. The standard clearly stipulates that when the water supply temperature is ≤95 ° C, the circulating water should control the PH value to reach 10 to 12, which is a very important indicator, but some units do not implement it.

3. The design and installation of the heating network pipeline is unreasonable, and the circulating hot water cannot be sent to the user at the end of the system. In order to avoid freezing, some users increase the number of air discharges, the drain is hot, and the drain is cold, resulting in increased water leakage.

4. Gas-fired boilers are not maintained after shutdown. After the heating period, the boiler was shut down. Some boilers were filled with demineralized water, and some were exposed to the atmosphere, lacking the necessary maintenance.
A good device must not only have good quality itself, but also have a good service once and for all, so as to have a longer service life.

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