Notice on the connection of the boiler flue


The performance of the gas bioler is related to the flu […]

The performance of the gas bioler is related to the flue pipe. Flue connection is vital, of course China is the only one in the world that is basically the only mandatory use of strong-row wall-mounted furnaces and gas boiler, the security is greatly improved. Gas wall-mounted boilers are all balanced flue, exhaust gas discharged to the outside, the combustion chamber negative pressure to pump air in (negative pressure burning, the basic European), or the fan from outside the fresh air, burning and then discharged (positive pressure burning, Korean and all condensing flue). Security can be further protected, but flue installation also requires attention to the following:
1: The use of factory-specific flue, while the length of the flue can not exceed the manufacturer's requirements. More than certainly often alarm (wind pressure switch failure), but not to remove the outside of the pipe, only remain the exhaust inner tube, to adhere to the principle of flue installation.
2: Ordinary gas boiler downward tilt 2~3°, condensing gas boiler (flue gas recovery + full premix), tilt upward 2~3°, rainhat facing up.
3: flue duct inside and outside the connection must be inserted tightly, can not be virtual lap, insert lap part can not be less than 30mm.
4: The gas wall-mounted boiler flue is prohibited to be inserted into a special public flue. Heard that the flue plug into the hood flue, smoke road wall hole is strictly prohibited, to be able to shake, using a rubber band inside and outside the buckle can be. The flue is required to be disassembled during maintenance or during the process of replacement.
5: Flue exits as far as possible in the place where there are cyclones, flue front hood can not be demolished.

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