Comparison of stainless steel flue pipe and aluminum flue pipe


The advantages of stainless steel pipes are that they a […]

The advantages of stainless steel pipes are that they are strong and wear-resistant, the interface is firm, not loose, not soft, durable, fireproof, insect-proof, and rat-proof.
The main function of the smoke pipe is to ventilate and exhaust smoke, and there is no high requirement for durability. In addition, there are check valves on both sides of the smoke pipe to prevent insects and rats, and the stainless steel check valve can prevent fire. So the only really practical function is not to collapse.
A slightly longer aluminum foil cigarette pipe, affected by its own gravity, will soften in the middle, causing the cigarette pipe to bend and increase the smoke exhaust resistance. Therefore, when installing, try to straighten the smoke pipe as much as possible, and fix it in the middle.
Even if the stainless steel smoke pipe is overhead with a span of 1-2 meters, there will be no problem of soft collapse. Moreover, the interior of the stainless steel smoke pipe is very smooth, and there are no wrinkles, which can also reduce the resistance of its smoke exhaust.
The biggest disadvantage of stainless steel pipes is that they are expensive.
To sum up: the stainless steel smoke pipe can be installed with an extra-long span, the inner wall is smooth and the resistance is small, but the price is too expensive.
The aluminum flue pipe can also effectively control the resistance when it is installed correctly. And the price is very cheap, the purchase of a range hood will also get a free one, which is more cost-effective overall. If you buy a high-performance range hood, the effect of different materials on the smoke extraction effect can be further reduced.
When installing aluminum flue pipe, you can pay special attention to the following details. They can reduce the resistance of the whole system to a certain extent and ensure the actual effect of the range hood.
1. Straighten the smoke pipe as much as possible, and fix the excess length at the air outlet;
2. Do a good job of hanging and fixing to avoid the sagging of the ultra-long smoke pipe due to its own gravity;
3. Minimize bending, if possible, keep it within 2;
4. Select the corresponding hose size according to the size of the air outlet (usually 170~180mm);
5. Replace the public flue with a large-diameter (160mm) fire-proof check valve.

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