What is the role of residential flue


What is the role of residential flue In the past, there […]

What is the role of residential flue

In the past, there were few houses, and cooking was usually outside. However, the acceleration of urbanization has changed a lot. Now they are living in the community, and cooking is in their own homes, so they need to be renovated. There is a kitchen, the kitchen is not the same when it is renovated. A very important issue is the problem of smoke exhaust, so it will use the residential flue. Let's take a look at the role of residential flue.

  The diversion channel used in the residential flue has changed the shortcomings of the previous variable pressure flue pipe body from the external heavy pressure load. An oil leakage point is designed at the lower end of the draft tube. According to the principles of free fall weight mechanics and material density, when the range hood is working, the airflow discharged by the range hood will cause the oil residue accumulated in the draft tube to fall through the oil leakage hole. When the range hood stops working, the oil residue on the vertical surface of the draft tube will flow down to block the oil leakage hole, which can prevent the fume odor under the floor from flowing into the draft tube and eliminate the phenomenon of smoke and odor. The use of residential flue in the kitchen can give full play to its role.

   Nowadays, they are all high-rise buildings, and cooking needs to be done at home. Therefore, there are more considerations in the design of residential flue, because if you don’t think about it well, there will be no way to solve the subsequent problems. If you are interested in residential flue products, as a professional residential flue manufacturer, welcome new and old customers to consult and exchange. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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