How to clean and maintain gas boilers? What methods are generally used?


Boilers will inevitably produce scale and other dirt fo […]

Boilers will inevitably produce scale and other dirt for a long time, which have a certain impact on the operation of the boiler, such as reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, increasing the fuel consumption and bringing safety hazards to the boiler, so how to clean and maintain the gas boiler? What method is generally used?

Boiler cleaning and maintenance

Boiler cleaning work is mostly to clean up boiler scale. Common methods include mechanical descaling, pickling, and alkaline cooking. The details are as follows:

1. Mechanical method. For small gas boilers, mechanical descaling can be selected for cleaning and descaling. The specific steps are to discharge water after the boiler is shut down and cool down. After washing and flushing, use a flat shovel, a wire brush and a motorized pipe milling device. Descaling. The cleaning worker should pay attention not to use too much force to prevent damage to the boiler body.

2. Pickling method, pickling and descaling is based on chemical principles, using hydrochloric acid or nitric acid plus corrosion inhibitor to remove the scale in the boiler. The pickling method is a common method, simple and effective in descaling.

3. Alkali boiling method, the use of alkaline boiling method is mostly a measure for boiler scale that is serious and cannot be removed by pickling method. The alkaline boiling operation is simple and the damage to the boiler is relatively small.

Boiler chemical cleaning range

1. For newly installed boilers, the newly installed boilers should be cleaned in an all-round way. For example, system pipes outside the boiler body steam and water system, condensate pump to boiler economizer, etc. must be cleaned. New equipment will inevitably be contaminated.

2. For the boiler after operation, for the boiler that has been in operation, the later cleaning scope, such as the drum boiler, only cleans the steam and water system of the boiler body.

3. The once-through furnace only cleans the boiler body and the steam-water system of the high-pressure heater.

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